All 3D models

$125.00 $37.50
Chibi realm characters bundle

- Includes: warriors, wizards, peasants and maidens. 
- Removable weapons and misc items: swords, axes, hammers, staves, pickaxe etc. 
- .psd source files included with extra face emotions in separate layers.
- 92 animations!

$299.00 $89.70
Megacity construction kit

-Over 300 custom objects and buildings.
-3 texture sets: Day city, night, abandoned zombie city.
-3 premade levels 10-40k triangles each.
-11 High resolution cityscape skyboxes.

$59.00 $17.70
Real zombies pack

- 3 male body meshes and 3 female body meshes.
- 20 different skin textures for both mesh version.
- total 120 variations.
- average triangles count 700 per model.

$99.00 $29.70
Dungeon master kit

Modular fantasy dungeon 3d levels construction kit.
2x2 meters tile modules allow creating the most sophisticated custom dungeons.
3 premade levels included.
Single texture pattern 4048x4048 and normal map is used on whole pack. 

Free monster character
Free animated monster model. Download 3d model 1,7Mb   This is a test model that allows compatibility testing with your 3d engine and applications before purchasing our products. More 

$99.00 $29.70
US army marines

- soldier mesh with removable helm, waist gear and M16 gun.
- 5 different body style skins 1024x1024.jpg + M16 gun texture.
- 86 animations 

$149.00 $44.70
Mech robots megapack

4 unique robot meshes. 
26 texture skins (2048x2048 .jpg) for each model. 
.PSD files included,15 custom weapons! 
Bump, normal, specular and illumination maps included. 

$191.00 $57.30
Sci-Fi constructions mixed

- 10 buildings of mixed factions. 
- different texture color styles + "damaged" texture.
- 3 level of constructions included for each building. 
- full building with interior textured with a single map.

$99.00 $29.70
Sci-Fi Techlabs Orion construction kit

- 3 premade levels with extra version without roof mesh.
- 130 rooms and corridors elements
- 155 custom interior objects: terminals, containers, pillars, generators, pods and many more.
- whole kit is textured with a single 2048x2048 pattern.

$99.00 $29.70
Modern firearms animated

- 5 modern realistic guns models with animated hands and weapons.
- both biped and classic bones are included. 
- M9, HK MP5, AK47, M16, MK-12

$199.00 $59.70
Domestic animals

12 Domestic animals 3d animated pack.
Horse, cow, calf, goat, sheep, pig, piglet, cat, dog, chicken, chick, rooster.

$199.00 $59.70
Safari animals

10 rigged and animated models: 
Jaguar, Gazelle, Rhinoceros, Elephant, Lion, 
Hippopotamus, Tiger, Zebra, Crocodile, Giraffe.