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3Dfoin - Fantasy game interface
Fantasy Game Interface is great for both MMORPG and mobile games with high detailed Zbrush sculpted interface elements like other AAA games. The pack comes with Photoshop psd file so you can customize it and png files so you can use it right... More 

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Sci-Fi Elite troopers

4 heads versions.
1024x1024 .tga body textures
1024x1024 .tga heads textures.
normal map textures. 

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Science labs pack

Whole scene mesh is just 12,451 triangles.
Pack is best suitable for mobile and web games. 
Full premade level included in different formats.

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3DFoin - The Baby

Fully rigged and animated The Baby monster 3D model. 

Polygon count: 1600 Triangles. 

Textures: 2048x2048 1 diffuse map, 1 normal map, 1 specular map, 1 diffuse with alpha specular for Unity users.
Included smooth and high polygon version for rendering.

$19.00 $5.70
3DFoin - Krasue Monster

Fully rigged and animated Krasue monster 3D model. Suitable for games and applications. 

Polygon count: 2575 Triangles.
Textures: 2048x2048 1 diffuse map (32bit alpha), 1 normal map, 1 specular map

$19.00 $5.70
3DFoin - Dragon Bat

Fully rigged, textured and animated Dragon Bat model.

4 color options. 

Polygon count: 4188 Triangles.
Textures: 2048x2048 diffuse maps, normal map, specular map

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Warbots mechanoids

Extreme lowpoly warbots mechanoids 3d characters pack.
Best suitable for mobile games and light platforms. 
- 5 models with 1024x1024.jpg texture each.

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3DFoin - Sabertooth

Fully rigged, textured and animated Sabertooth 3D model. 

Comes fully equipped and formatted for use in Unity and other engines with diffuse, normal, specular texture maps and 13 game-ready animations

$19.00 $5.70
3DFoin - Raptor

Fully rigged, textured and animated Raptor 3D model 
6 skin options

Polygon count: 6969, Tris: 9552
Textures: diffuse maps, normal map, specular map

$19.00 $5.70
3DFoin - Short Goblin

Fully rigged, textured and animated Short Goblin 3D model
2 color options, hair and no hair options

Polygon count:
Goblin: 4872 triangles
Weapon: 560 triangles
Textures: 2048x2048 2 diffuse map (32bit alpha), normal map, specular map

$19.00 $5.70
3DFoin - Female Peasant

Female Peasant animated and textured 3D model

2 face options  
2 hair options  
Naked body textures, 2 clothes textures 

Body: 1900 triangles (tris), head: 718 tris, hairs: 700 tris

16 gameready animations

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3DFoin-Quick Isometric Template
This template has everything you need to make an isometric Monopoly game, from splash screen, game title, dices, character animations to game interface and level map. It's also good for other casual games or quick prototype too. The pack comes... More