All 3D models

Megacity construction kit

-Over 300 custom objects and buildings.
-3 texture sets: Day city, night, abandoned zombie city.
-3 premade levels 10-40k triangles each.
-11 High resolution cityscape skyboxes.

Norad battleships

Each model uses single 2048x2048 texture
Illumination, bump, normal and specular maps are included. 
24 skin versions from dark dirty realistic to bright cartoony one. 
All models share same texture pattern.

Dinosaurs pack

10 dinosaurs models.
1024x1024 .jpg textures.
Diffuse, normal and specular maps included.
22 animations.

Domestic animals

12 Domestic animals 3d animated pack.
Horse, cow, calf, goat, sheep, pig, piglet, cat, dog, chicken, chick, rooster.

Modern firearms HD vol.3

-5 animated models:
m4a1, m1911, M107, m1897, bare hands

Mech robots modular kit
Mech robots modular construction kit. Separate legs, hands, feet, bases, heads and weapons allow thousands of robots variations. -5 sets of heavy mechs, 5 medium, 4 light. Each part is cross compatible. (Heavy legs can be use with light hands,... More 

Chibii animals

- Chibii animals lowpoly 3d animated pack.
- 10 animals: cow, pony, dog, cat, goat, sheep, pig, puppy, chicken, duck.
- Each animal has 5 texture skins making it total 50 animals. 
- 25 animations:

Dragons pack

35 texture skins (1024x1024 .jpg).
realistic, cartoony, bone, ice and many more styles.
+ .PSD (2048x2048) files included.
33 animations

Safari animals

10 rigged and animated models: 
Jaguar, Gazelle, Rhinoceros, Elephant, Lion, 
Hippopotamus, Tiger, Zebra, Crocodile, Giraffe. 

Sci-Fi firearms animated

- 6 models with animated hands and weapons.
- both biped and classic bones are included.
- both physique and skin methods are used.
- over 80 animations total for all guns.

$299.00 $199.00
Norad space stations

2 custom built LOD - meshes for each.
Each station uses single texture pattern (2048x2048)
24 skin versions for different styling. 
.PSD file included for easy texture editing. 

Sci-Fi constructions mixed

- 10 buildings of mixed factions. 
- different texture color styles + "damaged" texture.
- 3 level of constructions included for each building. 
- full building with interior textured with a single map.