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Hover truck

2574 polygons(512x512 texture)

Chibii racers - retro cars
Chibii racers retro cars.  Animated lowpoly 3d pack optimized for mobiles. 10 cars skins, 20 chibii racers skis. 2048x2048 .png texture source files included. Available in a Chibii racers bundle. 2051 triangles mesh. 45... More 

Chibii people females

Chibii people females.
- Just 332 tris mesh.
- 60 - 1024x1024 .tga textures
- 34 custom accessory objects.
- 120 animations!

Heavy troopers
Heavy troopers 3d animated characters pack. Modular mesh, 5 removable armor plates, gas mask.  2 weapons: rocket launcher and pistol 5 texture versions 2048x2048 .tga + normal maps. 27 animations: 0 - 5  Tpose 10 - 100  idle... More 

WW2 tanks pack

WWII military tanks collection:
Lowpoly 3d models pack.

Dragonhounds fantasy monsters pack. 2 LODs: 4666/21736 triangles. 14 different style diffuse textures. Nextgen 2048x2048. tga texture maps: diffuse, normal, specular, height, gloss, ambient occlusion. Unity3d demo. 40 animations:... More 

Space stations pack light

11 lowpoly Sci-Fi space stations 3d models. 
800-2000 triangles per model (512x512 texture)

Chibii Ninja
Ninjas are awesome because they combine many of our inherent fantasies and fears.  You have a master of stealth and fighting, a genius in tactics, creeping through the night with a sword, in search of... More 

Goblins warriors
Goblins warriors lowpoly 3d animated pack. 7820 triangles body mesh with weapon. 2048x2048 .tga texture maps:  diffuse, glossiness, specular, ambient occlusion, and normal.    -5 diffuse skins Unity web 3d demo. 45 animations:... More 

Josh elite trooper

Fully rigged and animated sci-fi elite trooper male model. 
1024x1024 .tga body texture
2954 triangles mesh 

Battle Dragon
Armored Battle dragon mount 3d animated model. A separate removable armor with a saddle for a rider. Dragon 14042 triangles. Armor 6528 triangles. PBR materials. 14 skin versions. 4096x4096 texture resolution. 35 high-quality animations. 10 -... More 

Warbots Infernos

- Just 612 triangles mesh.
- 30 various style texture skins.
- 1024x1024 textures resolution for extra details.
- 32 cool action animations