All 3D models

Motorbikes pack

Chopper (Harley Davidson concept) 
Sport bike (Honda CBR-1000) 
Each bike uses 5 different texture skins. 
Each biker has 10 own different texture skins. 

Goblins undead modular kit
Goblins undead lowpoly 3d animated modular kit. Separate head, 2 parts hands, body, legs and eyes. 3 stages: normal goblin, zombie, skeleton. Each part is interchangeable. Normal goblin can have a skeleton leg or half a zombie hand. Each stage... More 

Fantasy props bundle
Lowpoly Fantasy props bundle. Best suitable for mobile projects. 474 models all textured with a single pattern. Normal, diffuse and specular maps. Unity3D web demo. 4 apples, 8 axes, 24 barrels, 19 beds, 11 benches, 2 broken benches,  14... More 

Fantasy arms set

- 11axes, 6 bows, 5 claws, 6 shields, 6 staves, 8 swords.
- whole pack uses just 2 - 1024x1024 patterns.
- 3 texture styles included: clean, dirty and rusty. 
- 150-700 triangles per object. 

$299.00 $199.00
Norad space stations

2 custom built LOD - meshes for each.
Each station uses single texture pattern (2048x2048)
24 skin versions for different styling. 
.PSD file included for easy texture editing. 

Dragons pack

35 texture skins (1024x1024 .jpg).
realistic, cartoony, bone, ice and many more styles.
+ .PSD (2048x2048) files included.
33 animations

Mech robots modular kit
Mech robots modular construction kit. Separate legs, hands, feet, bases, heads and weapons allow thousands of robots variations. -5 sets of heavy mechs, 5 medium, 4 light. Each part is cross compatible. (Heavy legs can be use with light hands,... More 

Sci-Fi gunships pack

6 high detailed real-time Sci-Fi Gunships.
All models are ~900-3000 polygons.
Each model is mapped with 512x512 Diffuse, Bump and Specular map. 

Sealife pack

Includes 10 species:
shark, orca killer whale, octopus,
dolphin, turtle, stingray, clownfish,
pufferfish, jellyfish and a seahorse. 

Fantasy Thief

Lowpoly 3d fantasy character pack optimized for game engines.
2048x2048 resolution high detailed texture.
Separate textures for body, head and weapons.

Chibii Robots
Chibii Robots lowpoly 3d animated pack. -20 mesh designs -20 skins versions for each -2048x2048 diffuse .jpg textures. - switchable legs and arms - thousands of custom variations 109 animations: 0 - 9 T-pose 10 - 40 walk-01 45 - 75... More 

Sci-Fi Tanks collection

11 sci-fi tanks models.
Versions with separate parts included. 
Treads are animated with tiled texture offset. 
900-1300 triangles per model.