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3DFoin - Dragon Worm

Fully Rigged and animated Dragon worm 3D model. 

4 color options: Red, Gold, Cyan, Black

Polygon count: Dragon Worm: 6810 tris, sand base: 849 tris
Textures: 2048x2048 4 diffuse maps (32bit alpha), normal map, specular map

$19.00 $5.70
3DFoin - Devil Cat

Fully rigged and animated Devil Cat 3D model. Suitable for games and applications. 

Polygon count: 7864 Triangles. 

Textures: 4096x4096 diffuse map, normal map, specular map

$19.00 $5.70
3DFoin - Unicorn

Fully rigged, textured and animated Unicorn 3D model

2 horns and no-horn options

Polygon count: Tris: 6411

14 gameready animations

$19.00 $5.70
Toon tanks
People love retro games, why not to make one of your favorite games - Battle City Tank in 3D?  The Toon Tank Pack come with many tank components, color textures and low polygon meshes which are great for a mobile game!   - 7... More 

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3DFoin - Female Ninja

Fully rigged and animated Female Ninja 3D model. 

Total 18 animations + facial rig and animations + breasts animation

Polygon count: character + weapon: 12778 tris. Dart object: 196 tris.
Textures: diffuse maps, normal maps, specular maps.

$19.00 $5.70
3DFoin - Ogre

Fully rigged, textured and animated Orge 3D model

Polygon count: 7612 triangles

Textures: diffuse maps, normal map, specular map

$19.00 $5.70
3DFoin - Strong Zombie

Fully rigged, textured and animated Strong Zombie 3D model

Polys: 7578, Tris: 12639
Textures: diffuse map, normal map, specular map
Animated maggots

10 gameready animations

$19.00 $5.70
3DFoin - Elongata Monster Plant

Fully rigged and animated monster-plant Elongata 3D model. 

3color options

Polygon count: Elongata: 2284 tris, vines: 1798 tris
Textures: 2048x2048 3 diffuse map (32bit alpha), normal map, specular map, opacity map

$19.00 $5.70
3Dfoin - Fantasy game interface
Fantasy Game Interface is great for both MMORPG and mobile games with high detailed Zbrush sculpted interface elements like other AAA games. The pack comes with Photoshop psd file so you can customize it and png files so you can use it right... More 

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Mech crawlers

8 styles texture variations. 
512x512 .jpg map. 
Bump and illumination textures included. 

$19.00 $5.70
Road rush monster trucks

- Single mesh with 10 textures skins.
- 458 triangles geometry.
- High quality 1024x1024 textures included.

$19.00 $5.70
Alien monsters

10 styles texture variations. 
1024x1024 .jpg texture 
Model is optimized for real-time engines.