All 3D models

Goblin sapper

Fully rigged and animated fantasy goblin sapper character model. 
1024x1024 .jpg texture. 

Josh elite trooper

Fully rigged and animated sci-fi elite trooper male model. 
1024x1024 .tga body texture
2954 triangles mesh 

Fantasy orcs pack

Fully rigged and animated fantasy Orc monsters pack. 
6 different 1024x1024 .jpg texture skins
2LODs included: 
High LOD 6201 triangles, Low LOD 2437 triangles 

Felguard monster

Fully rigged and animated fantasy Felguard monster model. 
1024x1024 .tga texture 
2LODs included: High:6330polygons, Low: 2490polygins. 
Model is optimized for real-time engines. 

Industrial construction kit

Collection consists of 2 full levels, ready to used in games.
Over 200 custom objects: 30 civil buildings, 40 contemporary
buildings, 1bridge with railroad, 9 car carcasses, 11oil tanks,
4 cranes, 14 pipe segments, 

Sci-Fi Elite troopers

4 heads versions.
1024x1024 .tga body textures
1024x1024 .tga heads textures.
normal map textures. 

Dark forest mansion

11k polygons full scene.
High resolution textures included.
Animated scene with flying ghosts and cameras included.

Sci-Fi Tanks collection

11 sci-fi tanks models.
Versions with separate parts included. 
Treads are animated with tiled texture offset. 
900-1300 triangles per model.

Felhound monster

Fully rigged and animated. 
2248 polygons 1024x1024 texture.

Sci-Fi Forces megapack

32 models Sci-fi military forces megapack.
6 APCs, 7 Bombers, 4 Gunships, 5 Jeeps, 7 guns and turrets 
1 construction utility vehicle, 1 artillery gun vehicle.
Mesh: 600-1300 triangles per model. 

Fantasy village kit

Fantasy environment kit. 
Includes 3 finished levels.
30 custom objects: buildings, plants and trees.
10k polygons per scene.

Fantasy amazon

Fully rigged and animated amazon fantasy character.
Separated mountable weapons in Torque format.
2 LODs: Mid - 2442 triangles, High - 5467 triangles.