All 3D models

3DFoin - Watcher

Fully rigged, textured and animated Watcher 3D model
4 color options

Polygon count: 5494 triangles

11 game ready animations

Grendel is a vicious, aggressive, bloodthirsty, and dangerous monster who appears in Danish poem Beowulf, living in a subterranean cave with his mother - a Dragon! Grendel is envious, resentful, and angry toward mankind, possibly because he... More 

3DFoin - Female Warrior

Fully rigged and animated Female Warrior 3D model. 

2 face options  
2 hair options 
Naked body textures

cloth textures

1 full armor sets 


3DFoin - Orthros

Fully rigged, textured and animated Orthos Monster

Polygon count: 9910 tris
Textures: diffuse maps, normal maps, specular maps

Heavy troopers
Heavy troopers 3d animated characters pack. Modular mesh, 5 removable armor plates, gas mask.  2 weapons: rocket launcher and pistol 5 texture versions 2048x2048 .tga + normal maps. 27 animations: 0 - 5  Tpose 10 - 100  idle... More 

3DFoin - Royal knight
Royal Knight 3D model. Comes fully equipped and formatted for use in Unity and other engines with diffuse, normal, specular texture maps and 50 game-ready animations!

Modern firearms HD - M9 Beretta
M9 Beretta animated 3d model. - static mesh version included. - removable accessories -x2 silencers, flashlight, male hands with short sleeves, male hands with longer sleeves, female hands, full sleeves, gloves, watch, bracelet. - High... More 

3DFoin - Eric the Shooter

Fully rigged and animated action hero Eric the Shooter 3D model. 

Clothing parts and hair and weapon are separated meshes.
Total 61 animations + facial animations.
4 body texture options (with normal and specular maps for each)

Polygon count: character body: 6492 tris, jeans: 1920 tris, hair: 3163 tris. 

Textures: 26 diffuse maps, normal maps, specular maps.

Troll Golem

- 1024x1024 .tga diffuse, normal and specular maps.
- Triangles count: 3672-body, 262-weapon, 140-bracelet
- weapon and bracelet are separate removable objects.
- 24 animations.

Mummies 3d pack

Mummies lowpoly 3d animated pack.
2 mesh versions 2374/2246 triangles.
low LOD of just 554 triangles. 
6 - 2048x2048 .tga textures + normal map.

Spiders pack

- 15 Spiders monsters 3d lowpoly pack.
- 3 different meshes + 5 texture skins for each. 
- 2048x2048 diffuse and normal maps included.
- 18 animations.

3DFoin - Wyvern

Fully rigged, textured and animated Wyvern 3D model
5 color options

Polygon count: 10770 Triangles

14 gameready animations