3DRT surely sell an amazing, well textured models and animations ready for all needs. I've been searching around and found out that this place was the best one for me. Support is also quick and great for answering my problem.
Splendid high-quality animated 3D models! They offer students' price :-)
Max is truly professional, apart from his excelent models, you can't find better customer support anywhere. Allways quick to answer, even on Sundays :) When I need really good low-poly models, i allways come to 3DRT.
Over the years I've purchased lots of models from 3drt and can say they are of top quality including the animation, and the support is first class, I will definitely be buying more from them in the future.
Ridiculously great customer service. Seriously over the top experience.
Great content, the models I have bought have been perfect for my projects.
As for their support, they reply faster than human possible, with an excellent service (Problem was caused by myself, not 3DRT btw)

My latest purchase was the Orion Sci-Fi Techlab, and to be honest this asset really deserve some praise. Not only is there a ton of models, making you levels more diverse, but the asset come with a "no roof" version, this is perfect for top view games.
3DRT has been a real life safer for our game under production. The quality of the models and the many different formats they are provided in as well as the very nice license have made it very convenient to work with 3DRT. Any questions we have asked so far have been answered quickly.
3DRT's models are so well made it almost makes building a game with their assets too easy. I couldn't be happier with my purchase, and the next time I need some game assets to purchase, this will be my first stop.

Keep up the great work!
3DRT's work is fantastic! Artistic talent and eye for detail is evident in their work.
We kept an eye on 3DRT's work over 3 years already and were always impressed with the quality and design of 3D models. And after we started our new project a space shooter game we had no doubts choosing their products.
I really appreciate quick and helpfull support.