Sci-Fi vehicles

Sci-Fi fighters fleet megapack

Sci-Fi Fighters Fleet megapack
23 unique fighters, 15 unique weapons
12 preset texture variations for each model.
.PSD file included

Road rush Xtreme cars megapack

6 packs bundle:
10 Rat buggies, 10 Monster trucks, 10 Speed racers,
5 Heavy trucks, 10 Muscle cars, 5 Busses.
All models are below 500 triangles 

Aliens fleet xtreme

-Sci-Fi aliens fleet Xtreme. 106 models in total.
-10 bright + 8 dark skin styles shared between all ships.
-All models are textured with single (512x512) pattern.
-.PSD file included for texture editing and customization. 

Norad battleships

Each model uses single 2048x2048 texture
Illumination, bump, normal and specular maps are included. 
24 skin versions from dark dirty realistic to bright cartoony one. 
All models share same texture pattern.

Warbots Transformers

  Warbots transformers lowpoly pack.
- 3 robots models
- 1024x1024 texture pattern for each. 
- normal, spec maps, illum maps

Sci-Fi hover tanks

8 sci-fi hover tanks models
600-900 polygons (512x512 texture)
Triangles count:600-900

Warbots mechanoids

Extreme lowpoly warbots mechanoids 3d characters pack.
Best suitable for mobile games and light platforms. 
- 5 models with 1024x1024.jpg texture each.

Sci-Fi Tank AC-7 machine

3362 polygons(512x512 texture)

Alien motherships

8 Alien motherships models with 8 texture variations for each.
.PSD texture source included.
Diffuse, bump, specular and illumination maps included. 
~1200-2600 triangles per model, 512x512 .jpg textures.

Mech crawlers

8 styles texture variations. 
512x512 .jpg map. 
Bump and illumination textures included. 

Sci-Fi Airspace pack

11 high detailed real-time Sci-Fi spaceships.
All models are under 1000 polygons 
textured with 512x512 .jpg textures each.

Mech walker

2736 polygons (512x512 texture) 
animated model