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Fantasy Game Interface is great for both MMORPG and mobile games with high detailed Zbrush sculpted interface elements like other AAA games. The pack comes with Photoshop psd file so you can customize it and png files so you can use it right away. (The package has images file only there's no script, prefab

Features: New version 1.1 with 7 beautiful scrolls, new original (bigger) size elements and Select Level psd file

- Total 300+ png files, 12 psd files.
- In game avatar circle, HP-MP bars, map circle, virtual D-Pad, MMORPG skill bar, mobile style skill place holders.
- Loading bar, game menu, tabs, buttons (hover, pressed, normal states), check box, radio button, scrolling boards, slider, drop-down menu, cursor etc.
- Tilable borders so you can make borders with any size.
- Ready to use Loading screen, Quest, Inventory, Chest, Skill, Cash Shop, Option windows.
- Support small to large resolution.