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Formats included:


Fully rigged and animated Female Warrior 3D model. 

She is a great warrior and she bows to no man or beast. Comes fully equipped and formatted for use in various game engines like Unity, 3D Game Studio, RealmCrafter etc. with diffuse, normal, specular texture maps, face, hair, clothing options, and plenty of game-ready animations!

2 face options (2 meshes, 2 diffuse, 2 specular, 2 normal 1024x1024 textures)
2 hair options (diffuse, normal, specular 512x512x32bit textures)
Naked body textures (diffuse, normal, specular 2048x2048), 2 cloth textures (diffuse, normal, specular 2048x2048), 1 full armor sets (diffuse, normal, specular 512x512 textures)

Armor parts and hairs and weapon are separated meshes so you can switch them as you wish. 

Weapon: Deathbringer sword (diffuse, normal, specular 512x512 textures)
Body: 1900 triangles (tris), head: 718 tris, hairs: 700 tris, armor parts: 200-600 tris