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Fully rigged and animated Fantasy Gargoyle 3D model. 

In contemporary fiction, gargoyles are typically depicted as a winged humanoid with demonic features. Gargoyles can generally use their wings to fly or glide. Their skin is as hard as armor. They can turn into stone at will. Gargoyles are interesting because they are seen as the evil beings that eat humans, but they usually are used to protect places from evil.

Now you can put one in your game or movie! Gargoyle model is suitable to use as a boss or strong enemy with flying and physical/magical attacking animations.

Fully rigged, textured and animated.
4 color options, tattoo - no tattoo options.

Polygon count: Gargoyle: 7912 tris, loincloth: 176 tris 

Textures: 2048x2048 6 diffuse map (32bit alpha), normal map, specular map

attack 1
attack 2
cast spell
hit 1
hit 2
fly in-place
fly forward
fly attack
fly cast magic
fly hit
fly death