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Zombies are scary, dragons are awesome and bam! Zombie dragon is scarily awesome! XD 
Well, it's time to have something cool and rare for your game, that dragon is 100% dead but under some dark magic, his rotten body is once again moving, it's hard to find anything more fascinating than that :D 
Cos he's an undead creature, he's immune to any physical attacks but can be killed with light magic, cool, huh? 

- Total 41 animations (root motions included) 
- 4096x4096 .tga textures (normal and spec maps included) 
- Triangles count: 15684 

- Animations: attack 1, attack 2, attack 3, breathfire, death, fly, fly forward 1, fly forward 2, fly forward root motion 1, fly forward root motion 2, fly forward strong, fly breath fire, fly death, fly hit 1, fly hit 2, fly left, fly left root motion, fly right, fly right root motion, soar, soar root motion, fly to stand, fly attack 1, fly attack 2, fly back, fly back root motion, hit 1, hit 2, idle, roar, run, run root motion, stand, stand to fly, strafe left, strafe left rootmotion, strafe right, strafe right root motion, walk, walk root motion, whiptail.