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This template has everything you need to make an isometric Monopoly game, from splash screen, game title, dices, character animations to game interface and level map. It's also good for other casual games or quick prototype too. The pack comes with Photoshop psd file so you can customize it and png files so you can use it right away. :D

- 4 PC characters: facial emotion (normal, happy, angry) sprites, and stand, action, idle, walk animations.
- 2 NPC characters: a reporter with idle and talk animations, a policeman with stand and pointing animations.
- Game level map with a lot of houses, trees and decorations objects.
- 2 dices with rolling animations.
- Interface: loading bar, splash screen image, splash screen menu, in-game menu with background, tabs and buttons.
- PNG files to use right away and PSD files for customizing.
- Size: house sprites height: 100-150px, characters: 240px, splash screen: 2690x1520px.