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Formats included:


Megacity construction kit.                         

- 3 texture styles sets:
Daylight clear city, 
Night cityscape 
Abandoned city
-Over 300 custom objects:
 skyscrapers, residential, commercial and industrial buildings. 
 -3 premade levels, prepared for use in game development, renders 
and animations.
 -11 High resolution cityscape skyboxes 
- 180 custom buildings for constructing urban scenes:
59 residential buildings
43 skyscrapers
29 historical buildings 
28 industrial structures 
31 commercial buildings 
7 healthcare structures 
3 museums
3 gas stations
car parking lot 
over 150 other misc objects : Highway junctions, road blocks, 
traffic lights, road signs, billboards, lamp posts. 
Models use shared texture patterns:
8 1024x1024 .TGA textures for all buildings. 
+7 1024x1024 .jpg Specular maps for advanced environment and 
specular mapping visual effects. 
City scene style can be changed with just switching texture file names:
$-n (night textures)
$-d (abandoned city textures)
Triangles count:
level1 - 39240 
level2 - 27948 
level3 - 12626