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Sci-Fi Norad Space Stations 
7 stations models: 
2 custom built LOD - meshes for each.
Each station uses texture pattern (2048x2048)
that allows extremely detailed close ups. 
Illumination map, bump map, normal map, specular map are included. 

24 skin versions for dramatically different styling from dark dirty realistic 
to bright clean cartoony one. 
All models share same texture pattern.
.PSD file included for easy texture editing. 

Triangles count:

Name/low LOD/ High LOD

Zeath    11656 50618
Kerato   5110  27376
Voxis    4916  17612
Aeon     1984  10672
Reilus   5328  13512
Avantix  1492  5508 
Aleum    2712  9200 

Backgrounds for renders are used from Sci-Fi skyboxes collection.*