All 3D models

$59.00 $17.70
Hitomi Elite troopers females
5 guns textures.
2 1024x1024 + 512x512 .jpg textures per model 
2LODs: 2722/1122

Scorpid monster

5 different styles textures (1024x1024 .jpg)
Model is game-ready and optimized for real-time engines.

$119.00 $35.70
Megacity construction kit

-Over 300 custom objects and buildings.
-3 texture sets: Day city, night, abandoned zombie city.
-3 premade levels 10-40k triangles each.
-11 High resolution cityscape skyboxes.

Goblin sapper

Fully rigged and animated fantasy goblin sapper character model. 
1024x1024 .jpg texture. 

$49.00 $14.70
Josh elite trooper

Fully rigged and animated sci-fi elite trooper male model. 
1024x1024 .tga body texture
2954 triangles mesh 

$49.00 $14.70
Fantasy orcs pack

Fully rigged and animated fantasy Orc monsters pack. 
6 different 1024x1024 .jpg texture skins
2LODs included: 
High LOD 6201 triangles, Low LOD 2437 triangles 

Felguard monster

Fully rigged and animated fantasy Felguard monster model. 
1024x1024 .tga texture 
2LODs included: High:6330polygons, Low: 2490polygins. 
Model is optimized for real-time engines. 

$49.00 $14.70
Industrial construction kit

Collection consists of 2 full levels, ready to used in games.
Over 200 custom objects: 30 civil buildings, 40 contemporary
buildings, 1bridge with railroad, 9 car carcasses, 11oil tanks,
4 cranes, 14 pipe segments, 

$19.00 $5.70
Sci-Fi Elite troopers

4 heads versions.
1024x1024 .tga body textures
1024x1024 .tga heads textures.
normal map textures. 

$59.00 $17.70
Dark forest mansion

11k polygons full scene.
High resolution textures included.
Animated scene with flying ghosts and cameras included.

$59.00 $17.70
Sci-Fi Tanks collection

11 sci-fi tanks models.
Versions with separate parts included. 
Treads are animated with tiled texture offset. 
900-1300 triangles per model.

$29.00 $8.70
Felhound monster

Fully rigged and animated. 
2248 polygons 1024x1024 texture.