$59.00 $23.60
Aliens fleet xtreme

-Sci-Fi aliens fleet Xtreme. 106 models in total.
-10 bright + 8 dark skin styles shared between all ships.
-All models are textured with single (512x512) pattern.
-.PSD file included for texture editing and customization. 

$59.00 $23.60
Space levels kit

2 styles included "Alien" and "Terran"
Each comes with extra textures for differnt styles.
Full level shares 1 texture pattern (1024x1024.jpg).
Polygon count ~2-5k on screen display. 

$191.00 $76.40
Sci-Fi constructions mixed

- 10 buildings of mixed factions. 
- different texture color styles + "damaged" texture.
- 3 level of constructions included for each building. 
- full building with interior textured with a single map.

$299.00 $119.60
Norad battleships

Each model uses single 2048x2048 texture
Illumination, bump, normal and specular maps are included. 
24 skin versions from dark dirty realistic to bright cartoony one. 
All models share same texture pattern.

$199.00 $79.60
Norad space stations

2 custom built LOD - meshes for each.
Each station uses single texture pattern (2048x2048)
24 skin versions for different styling. 
.PSD file included for easy texture editing. 

$99.00 $39.60
Naval vessels

21 Sci-Fi Naval vessels
7 styles texture variations. (512x512 .jpg) 
Bump, specular and illumination textures included. 
.PSD 512x512 texture source file included. 

$149.00 $59.60
Mech robots megapack

4 unique robot meshes. 
26 texture skins (2048x2048 .jpg) for each model. 
.PSD files included,15 custom weapons! 
Bump, normal, specular and illumination maps included. 

$19.00 $7.60
Mech crawlers

8 styles texture variations. 
512x512 .jpg map. 
Bump and illumination textures included. 

$19.00 $7.60
Alien monsters

10 styles texture variations. 
1024x1024 .jpg texture 
Model is optimized for real-time engines. 

$59.00 $23.60
Hitomi Elite troopers females
5 guns textures.
2 1024x1024 + 512x512 .jpg textures per model 
2LODs: 2722/1122

$49.00 $19.60
Josh elite trooper

Fully rigged and animated sci-fi elite trooper male model. 
1024x1024 .tga body texture
2954 triangles mesh 

$59.00 $23.60
Sci-Fi Tanks collection

11 sci-fi tanks models.
Versions with separate parts included. 
Treads are animated with tiled texture offset. 
900-1300 triangles per model.