Free models

Sci-Fi Tank AC-7 machine

3362 polygons(512x512 texture)

Hover truck

2574 polygons(512x512 texture)

Free monster character
Free animated monster model. Download 3d model 1,7Mb   This is a test model that allows compatibility testing with your 3d engine and applications before purchasing our products. More 

F22 Raptor fighter plane

1476 polygons
(1024x512 texture)

Scorpid monster

5 different styles textures (1024x1024 .jpg)
Model is game-ready and optimized for real-time engines.

Dark knights - promo

- Promo version includes only lowpoly version. 
846 + 188 (sword)triangles
- only 1 texture style 
- 20 animations 

Yeti monster

Fully rigged and animated game-ready
fantasy Yeti monster model. 
4 styles 1024x1024 .jpg textures
Model is optimized for real-time engines. 

33 Sci-Fi Skyscrapers collection
Free 33 Sci-Fi skyscrapers. Download skyscrapers 3D collection 1,2Mb More 

Goblin sapper

Fully rigged and animated fantasy goblin sapper character model. 
1024x1024 .jpg texture. 

Felguard monster

Fully rigged and animated fantasy Felguard monster model. 
1024x1024 .tga texture 
2LODs included: High:6330polygons, Low: 2490polygins. 
Model is optimized for real-time engines. 

Test character sample
Free human figure model for compatibility testing. Download test 3d character pack.   More